Wedding Ceremonies

Planning a wedding or civil partnership ceremony can be a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces are emotions, logistics, and personal preferences. Helen Jones Ceremonies simplifies this process, putting each piece in its perfect place, ensuring your special day unfolds seamlessly.

Ceremonies That Reflect You

Each ceremony we design tells a story—yours. It encapsulates your relationship journey, the essence of your commitment, and your aspirations for the future. No two ceremonies are the same because no two couples are the same.

Versatility Is Our Middle Name

Perhaps you’ve had a legal marriage abroad and are looking to celebrate with your community back home. Maybe you’re eyeing an unconventional venue, a private residence or a garden setting to make your vows.

Or, it could be that you desire to incorporate unique cultural, spiritual, or religious elements that are often off-limits in more traditional settings. We’ve got you covered.

Renew, Reaffirm, Rejoice

If you’re a couple who’s already tied the knot and wish to celebrate an important milestone, our Renewal of Vows ceremony offers an authentic, heartfelt experience.

Whether you’re commemorating an anniversary or triumphing over hardships, this ceremony lets you say “I do” all over again, surrounded by the people and pets that mean the world to you.

Commitment Ceremonies: The Heart Speaks

For those who wish to express their devotion without legal obligations, our Commitment Ceremonies offer a public stage for your love. Whether you want to swap bespoke vows or exchange rings, these ceremonies are all about celebrating your unique bond.

The Helen Jones Ceremonies Difference

From the initial, obligation-free online consultation to a site visit where we discuss logistics, we’re by your side. Our ceremony drafting process involves you every step of the way, culminating in a final copy that captures your vision. And on your big day, rest easy knowing that we’ve got the delivery down to an art.

Keep in mind, too, that ceremonies can be tailored with add-ons such as full rehearsals and additional speech assistance. Please note that travel over 20 miles from Nottingham may incur an extra charge.

Ready to Begin?

If you’re in Derby and have been searching high and low for a ceremony that will be the perfect encapsulation of you, search no further. Let’s get started on designing a day you’ll remember forever.

Ring us on 07300236083 to discuss your dream ceremony today!