Wedding Ceremonies in Nottingham

A Wedding or Civil Partnership Celebration Ceremony will contain lots of beautiful details about you, your relationship journey and your hopes for the future.

You can have the ceremony of your dreams, at your idyllic location at a time that suits you.

Wedding or Civil Partnerships

£ 900*
  • Wedding or Civil Partnership Celebration Ceremonies – A ceremony for couples that follows your legal marriage or civil partnership.  This can be on the same day or sometime after. 
  • You have married abroad but want a wedding celebration when you return
  • You want your ceremony in a venue that is not licenced for marriages or civil partnerships
  • You want the ceremony at a private house or garden
  • You want religious, spiritual or cultural traditions that are not permitted in a Register Office or religious ceremony
  • You want to invite more guests than can be accommodated in a Register Office or religious venue

Renewal of Vows

£ 900*
  • Renewal of Marriage or Civil Partnership Vows – A ceremony for a couple that is legally married or in a civil partnership who want to say ‘I do’ again.
  • You have a special wedding anniversary to celebrate
  • You have overcome a difficult time
  • You want to involve friends, family, pets or possessions that are currently important in your life

Commitment Ceremonies

£ 900*
  • Commitment Ceremonies – A public declaration of a couples love and commitment to each other with no legal implications.
  • You want to make promises to each other
  • You want to exchange unique vows, exchange rings, and celebrate your commitment
  • You will not have any legal rights or responsibilities

*Travel over 20 miles from my home (NG15) may incur a charge. Additional cost for full rehearsal and additional speech assistance.

What We Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

A Celebrant led Wedding or Civil Partnership Celebration Ceremony is currently not legally binding in England and Wales. Couples will need to perform the legal part of the marriage before the Celebration Ceremony.

UK Law recognises the options below to pronounce you legally married and facilitate an official marriage certificate

💒 Religious Marriage performed by a Minister in a Place of Worship

💍 Civil Marriage performed by a Registrar in the Register Office* or any venue approved by the local council.

* Register Offices do provide Statutory Ceremonies, sometimes called 2×2 marriages, as this refers to there just being the couple and two witnesses present. These ceremonies will most likely be held in a licenced office and are low key.

There are some differences within the UK. Some helpful links below-

⚖️ Gov.UK – Marriages and civil partnerships in England and Wales: Plan your ceremony

⚖️ Marriage in Scotland –

⚖️ Guidance on marriage procedures in Northern Ireland | nidirect

Wedding and civil partnership celebration ceremonies are designed with a couple’s vision in mind to create a unique personal event. You can have readings, prayers and blessings if you wish and even symbolic gestures, finishing with the signing of a commemorative certificate.

Your ceremony is unique. It may follow the format of a traditional marriage, making promises and exchanging rings, or it could be untraditional, whatever you choose. The ceremony cannot mislead the guests into thinking the ceremony is the legal formality of marriage.

The ceremony could be held anywhere at any time of day. This could be in your home or garden, a castle, boat, forest, stadium or pub; the options are endless.

A Commitment ceremony is a public declaration of a couples love and commitment to each other with no legal implications.

You can publicly declare your commitment to each other in front of family and friends with unique and personal vows, exchange rings and symbolic actions.

As there is no legal tie with a commitment ceremony.

Renewal of marriage vows ceremonies are an opportunity for a couple that is legally married to reaffirm their commitment to each other. You may wish to renew the vows you shared when you first got married or, share new vows that include details of how your lives and love has changed over time.

There are many reasons you may want to renew your vows. It may be at a special anniversary, a memorable day, after an illness or after a rough patch.

This renewal of marriage vows ceremony will be personal to the couple and can include children, grandchildren, pets or possessions that are currently important in your life.

Every ceremony will be unique, and you may require something different from me. Please contact me to discuss your vision and budget.